When The Racist Causes More Racism

Hooray!! Point well made. In fact, history will show that it was other “black Africans” who captured and sold their fellow black Africans into slavery in the first place. Research the Zulu’s. Ok, whites bought them but they also freed them. What are Africans doing to other Africans today? Capturing them and selling them into slavery. Ever hear of Boko Haram?

Desert Musings

There’s nowhere in the dictionary that says a racist has to be a white person saying or doing actions against a person of color. It CAN (and usually is these days) be the other way around. Now, I understand that blacks don’t like to hear that, but can anyone out there actually tell me that the actions of Jesse Jackson or Barack Obama, or Al Sharpton, or Eric Holder are anything but racist? Can anyone truthfully say that the actions of these four individuals are actually bringing America together or are they tearing us apart?

Obama’s latest action seems to be a way for him to justify his racist feelings toward whites. And frankly, I can tell you, yes, racism exists both ways. I think there are some whites that are still racist toward blacks, and I think that there are more blacks that are racist toward whites. And it’s a…

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Happy Daytona 500 Morning


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_nascar-nscs15-gordon-second-daytona-win-99-922Happy Daytona 500 Day to all fans!!! As long as I can remember, this has been a big day for this fan. There have been ups and downs for everyone, drivers and fans alike, in the 56 previous years.

Ups for this year is Jeff Gordon qualifying on the pole in his last race year; Hendrick Motorsports start one, two, three; and finally the race season is starting!!! There are downs, too, depending on your point of view, starting with Kyle Busch breaking both legs and missing the race. I am not a Kyle Busch fan. I always root for him to crash or for someone else, anyone else, to beat him. But I never want someone to get hurt in a crash and I send prayers for his recovery. You will be missed in the big race today.

There is another down for the race this year and it is a cause I speak on frequently; domestic abuse. As the victim of spousal abuse, I feel very qualified to speak on it. As a former law enforcement officer, I worked thousands of cases of domestic abuse. But I will surprise you on my take on the Kurt Busch suspension from NASCAR and missing the 500.

My opinion is Miss Patricia Driscoll was looking for her 15 minutes of fame when she went on several news shows this week during Daytona Speed Weeks. She got her name out there and in the process disparaged the sport. Kurt’s brother took the spotlight off the story when he crashed and is now out of the big race also. Thank you, Kyle, but I wish it had been a different way for both of you. In America, we have a saying, “innocent until proven guilty”. This incident that Busch was suspended for happened in Dover, DE last year. Busch was not charged in that incident. Miss Driscoll then pushed the issue by obtaining a restraining order against Busch and going public with her side of the story. Well Miss Driscoll, I have interviewed many women like you. I don’t believe your story. You went to his motorcoach and entered it without being invited so in my opinion, you started the incident.

Believe it or not, sometimes women start the incidents. They push the man to his breaking point and then cry for help when the man crosses the line. Busch was not charged so it would appear Miss Driscoll was the aggressor. Her actions this week also lead me to believe she is after something and it isn’t justice. She is looking for money and fame. Sorry, Honey, you get no sympathy from this woman. You are one of those women who give all women a bad name. You are the one who keeps those involved in real domestic abuse cases afraid to speak out and keeps them in the cycle. You are taking advantage of a real problem just to get your 15 minutes of fame. I hope you choke on it.

NASCAR official, I can’t believe you suspended Busch until the case is resolved in the courts. The man is innocent until proven guilty. Let the case play out before making your ruling. You may be giving NASCAR a black eye. I am not a fan of either Busch brother but Kurt should not be suspended, at least not yet.

What can put this race back on happy footing today? I am pulling for someone who has never won this race before. I want Tony Stewart to win. Stewart is the new Dale Earnhart as a man who has done everything else in NASCAR but not the 500. Go, Tony!!

Prince Sasson (A.K.A. Baby Squirrel)

It’s Christmas, a time of joy, giving and getting. but it is also the time to give and care for the ‘least of these’. Jesus gave us instruction to care for the least of these. So no matter if it is human or animal, give comfort to those less fortunate than yourself this holiday season. The season is about giving regardless of what religion you are or non-religion. This time of year is for taking care of the less fortunate, human and animal. It is a time of peace and love; and that includes your enemies. Love to everyone in the world, human and animal (but especially the animals!!) Kat Canfield

Jean Sasson

Just in time for the holidays!

Prince holding a pecan!

Sometimes the sweetest things in life arrives in a small package!  That is certainly the case with this teeny squirrel, who is the size of two fingers, and who has arrived just in time for the holidays! Now, you might be wondering how I’ve come to be the mommy of a baby squirrel.  Several Sundays ago, Jack and I were chatting while standing in the kitchen and I heard what I believed was a baby screaming.  Since I don’t know of any babies living near to us, my imagination went crazy.  Jack, who believes I get overly emotional over human/animal dramas, said it was the refrigerator I was hearing, that the frig was going out!  I know the difference between a squealing machine and live cries, so I rushed to follow the sound.  I dashed out the back door, leaving Jack to protest!  It was dark but I saw something small squirming…

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Wise Words For the New Year


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“Brothers: The Arab countries today are in urgent need of stability and peace. Every country, every government, every responsible citizen and every individual in every Arab country should devote himself to the service of his country and his people to raise his country to the place it deserves among the nations of the world. This is what the Arabs need today. Quarrels, disagreements, insults and altercations are forbidden by our religion, are unworthy of the Arabs’ dignity and are in conflict with their own interest. It serves the interest of no one when an Arab inflicts damage to himself or on others. All it accomplishes is to hinder the Arab countries from carrying out their duties properly.”

These are words of King Faisal, third Saudi King, in 1963. They are still true fifty years later in the world and especially in the Middle East. I dare say if the leaders of the Arab countries would get together and quite fighting each other, they would offer a greater world for everyone; this includes to leaders in Israel, as it is a part of the Arab world. Peace in the Middle East is possible if true leaders worked together. King Faisal brought many good reforms to Saudi Arabia like the education of women. His successor, King Abdullah, continues to reform the country and make the lives of Saudi’s women better.


First Christmas Away

Merry Christmas to my Italian friends. Hope to be in Italy sometime in 2015!

roma e amore

Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

This year will be my very first Christmas away from my family, in another country and without snow. It’s been really strange trying to get excited for Christmas when there are still palm trees outside my window and when I can walk outside in just a sweatshirt. It doesn’t even feel like December. So to make it feel more like the holidays I managed to buy a mini tree (a real one even!), decorate with my roommates and make a million cookies, most of which were eaten immediately.

I had always wanted to spend the holidays in Rome thinking it would be lots of fun, but have realized it’s just not the same without snow, my kittens, and my wonderful wood stove. Although, the city is decorated beautifully with lights shaped to be the flag of every country, and  my favorite sight was a Fiat 500, decorated with Santa driving…

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Latest Review of Only Us


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I want to thank my friend and fellow author Bill Miller for this review on Amazon.com. Bill is the author of Seeds of Magnolia, a historical account of a real family trying to deal with the morality of slavery before, during, and after the American Civil War. The following is his review of my novel, Only Us.

Kat Canfield describes the tangled love life and eventual marriage of an American woman and a wealthy member of a Saudi royal family. Their love for each other and even their lives are placed in jeopardy by an organized crime lord’s relentless criminal exploitations for financial gain. The plot develops slowly and continuously from start to finish. Right up to the very end, the reader is kept wondering what’s next and who done it.
Only Us is an interesting book with a well-developed plot. Its’ drawback is marked by errors in punctuation, a few sentences with missing words, and some redundancy. Yet, it keeps the readers attention from cover to cover. Even with the grammatical errors, it makes a good read.

Do you think Saudi females should always have a guardian?

Sometimes, we don’t know how good we have it. Even with the “War On Women” as expressed by the Obama Administration and the liberal media, American women live quite well compared to our Saudi cousins. Appreciate, Ladies, what you have and work to improve the lives of ALL women in the world.

Jean Sasson

This is an interesting blog that I am reblogging from Saudi woman’s Blog.  It’s a blog that will make you think and create a lot of conversation.  This is a topic that Princess Sultana and I bring into clarity in the latest in the series of books about her life:  Princess, More tears to Cry:  Here’s the book images (UK and USA publishers)

UK edition of the latest about Saudi women through the voice of Princess Sultana UK edition of the latest about Saudi women through the voice of Princess Sultana

USA EDITION of my latest book about Saudi women USA EDITION of my latest book about Saudi women

I’d love to hear from readers about this topic:  (NOTE:  This is not my blog, this blog is from the Saudiwoman’s blog, so I am giving her full credit.)

“My Guardian Knows What’s Best for Me”

In August a campaign was launched titled “My Guardian Knows What’s Best for Me”. The aim of the campaign is to stand against women who are demanding to be…

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PRINCESS SULTANA, MORE TEARS TO CRY, an excerpt for readers!

The next great book is out! Just in time for Holiday gift giving!

Jean Sasson





Like a siren song, diamonds call  out  to  most  females.  I no longer  hear  that  call. I lost my desire for expensive  jewelry

the moment I discovered the immense joy one derives from helping others.  Now  when I am shown exquisite  jewels, I do not envisage the glittering gems draped  around my neck, hanging from my ears or clasped upon  my wrist;  instead,  I contemplate what  the value of  those  gems could  procure.   Perhaps  it  would  allow  an  eager child to take  lessons in a good  school,  or a sickly mother  to feel the glow…

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We Can Hope For Change


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Hope and Change was the mantra six years ago, and I think most people voted thinking that was what we would get. Well, we didn’t. If anything it is more of the same and has even went backwards. How much better would this world be if we were all blind? What if you had to judge someone just on the content of their words and not on their looks? It certainly would make a difference.

I am a writer. I have been a reporter so I know that side of life. You can’t see me so you only know me by my words. You judge if you like me or you don’t based on that. Race or religion does not matter about what you think of me unless I write about it. So why can’t everything in life be judged from this perspective? Why must ‘race’ be interjected?

I cringe every time I hear a reporter say a black male was shot and killed by a white police officer in Ferguson, MO. Why can’t it just be reported like this: “A large male attacked a smaller male, who happened to be a police officer. The large male, who seemed to have no RESPECT for authority, attempted to take the gun of the smaller male. The smaller male, in fear for his life, shot the larger male, unfortunately, killing him.” Now, if you heard the story reported like that, would it change your perspective?

If the event in Ferguson, MO, was reported like this I think we would all be better off. But of course when you take ‘race’ out of the event, it wouldn’t give people a reason to burn down the town. But that is a whole other subject to deal with later. If the media would stop using race in their words it could go a long way toward making the general population forget there is a difference in skin colors. Children have no concept of skin color; they just see another child to play with. Adults poison the minds of children as they grow up. But if race could be forgotten each generation would be better off. If the media would stop using it to describe incidents the rest of us humans would start to look at things like one human doing something to another human being. How about ‘hoping’ we look at life as humans helping or hurting our fellow humans? Then, and only then, will there be real ‘change’ in this world!

Seeds Of Magnolia – a Book Review


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I found Seeds Of Magnolia by Bill Miller a delightful read. I read the synopsis and immediately decided to purchase it. I have always loved Civil War Era history and romances. This book promised both. I expected a fictional historical account of real people not unlike a John Jakes or Alexandria Ripley novel. This novel delivered so much more.

I was not sure when I started reading how I liked the way it was written, as there is no dialog. Mr. Miller used what I would equate to a police report style in writing this story. Once I got used to his writing style I was hooked. The characters are all real and lived in the real settings of the antebellum south, western Tennessee and Mississippi in particular. As I continued, I realized this story is about the author’s ancestors. The more you read the more you will appreciate the exhaustive research Mr. Miller put into this narrative. While he doesn’t divulge his sources, I expect he used letters, journals, and newspaper accounts from this time period in his research. A lot of work went into the writing of Seeds Of Magnolia.

The story shows the races can co-exist in relative harmony if we are open minded. The amazing thing is children don’t see color like adults and therefore have no prejudices. We follow several of the children from adolescents into adulthood. We see how different people viewed slavery depending on how you were raised and what side of the blanket you were born. The story was very thought provoking and it changed how I view that period in history. I hope more readers will pick this up and decide for yourself. Are we really different from each other just because of color of skin, ethnic background, religion, or culture? No, we are all just humans and we need to start looking at each other as other humans, no more, no less.

I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is not just a story, it is real characters living in a difficult time period. We can all learn from their mistakes and failings and learn to live better. I look forward to more work by author Bill Miller.