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Is it possible to have romance without love? Is it possible to be in love and have no romance? Do all romantic encounters lead to a love match and marriage? I think the answer to all the above questions is ‘no’. There can be no romance without a ‘spark’ between to individuals. Not all cases does that spark turn to love. However, it takes love to make a serious relationship between individuals. but it takes continued sparks to keep love alive so therefore there has to be at least some romance to fan sparks to embers and keep love warm within the heart.

Even the most unromantic person has some aspects of romance. When a person tries to be romantic and fails it makes our heart feel endearment to that person as it is the nature of humans to cheer for the underdog. Even failure can become romantic in the heart of one person, though perhaps not the person it was intended for. I also think that an overly romantic person can be a turn off to the person they are trying to romance. So there is a fine line between to much and not enough. Isn’t that like everything in life?