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I must share my happiness with everyone this morning. If you can brighten anyone else’s day, it is said, it is a blessing to you.

What am I so happy about this morning when news in other parts of the world are in chaos? My new novel went available on Amazon.com, the Barnes and Noble website, and my official author website: http://sbpra.com/katcanfield. The book, Only Love Twice, is my first full length novel. It is a contemporary romance about a fifty somethings Cinderella story. It is a book readable for teens, (sorry, it is not erotic but there are sex scenes), but will be most enjoyed by adults who have to learn to love again after the tragedy of death or divorce. It is the truest of romance where the two main characters should never have come together but ‘Love has found a way’ to put a spin on the line from Jurassic Park.

I hope you will all purchase a copy to read and tell your friends to buy one too. I will be happy to autograph copies for you if you send me an email I can tell you how to send a copy to me.

I am so happy I cannot contain it!!!!