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There are lots of stories though out history in word and song of people who sell their soul to the devil. As things have unfolded with the latest bombings in Boston, I ask myself this question again. I have looked at the eyes of several of the perpetrators in  the shootings and bombings and I see nothing; they look vacant, as if the soul has left the body. Is it possible these terrorist, and they must all be considered terrorists regardless of their idealology, have sold their souls to the devil and that allowed them to commit these acts?? Have they become so dissolutioned that they seek the only means they are given by the Great Deceiver?

I heard an expert analyst of terrorism suspects describe all these perpetrators as ‘angry young men’. I agree. Since the time men walked the earth young men were taught to fight and ultimately use their abilities to make war. I think this is inherent to the male psyche, it is human nature, and I use the term ‘male’ loosely. Women can be warriors also!! As we try to strive for peace in the world, I think we go against the human nature to fight. These angry young people have nothing to fight for so they sell their soul for whatever idealology to the devil. When the soul is gone, they are nothing but animals as it is the soul that makes us different from animals.