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With all the terrible events that happen around the world that are reported on the 24/7 news, one would think nothing but evil is out there. It can almost make one want to put their head in the sand. But I hope we will all remember there is one language we can all communicate in and everyone else understands. That language is: Love.

Love transcends all language, culture, and religions. A simple look across the room at another tells that other person you are interested. Yes, love is an integral part of romance. Love needs no physical words. It is a look, a touch, a smile. It is feeling we can all have with all members of the human race. It is what we can all give to everyone else that will heal the world of its ills. Had someone, just one person, given the Boston Bombers a simple gesture of love, perhaps they might have thought twice before carrying out their deeds.

We need to all remember to give a look and a smile to everyone you pass today. Speak the language of love to everyone and it will come back to you 100 fold.