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There is a team of individuals working on a video trailer to use to help market my new novel. I received the first edit of it but it just did not give the feeling I was hoping for. I wrote the text for the narrator yet when I heard the written words, they did not sound the same as what I wanted to convey. Somehow, verbally and in pictures, what I wanted did not come out like the words on paper did.

I have a friend who told me I am not visual; he uses pictures to convey his thoughts where I must write everything. I thought he just didn’t want to read words but now I wonder if he was on to something. It took working on this video for me to realize there is a difference in how we listen and look at video versus reading the words on paper. That also makes me wonder about the talented people who take books and are able to write scene plays for film. They have to be able to work in both the visual and written world in order to make the book come alive on the screen. This may be one reason the film is seldom like the book.