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This is the second time I have heard  this story on the news. There are those in Washington State who want to change all gender oriented words to gender neutral words. Words like ‘fisherman’, ‘freshman,’ and ‘penmanship’ would be changed to ‘fisher’, ‘first years students’, and ‘handwriting’. Excuse me, this is just plain dumb! People want to change an entire language just because the word ‘man’ is somehow offensive and limiting to everyone else? I am a ‘wo-man’ and I have never been limited by words. Hu-mans are only limited by their own minds. I personally could not do without a ‘man’ around somewhere. 

So I must ask this: what about the word ‘romance’? Yes, r-o-man-c-e. This is the universal language, everyone in the world knows how to speak it and understands it. Though most men think they want to run away from it, and woman think they can’t live without it, it is as gender neutral a word as one could ever want. I refuse to give up the word and will not change it at no ones request. I feel the same about all the other words that have ‘man’ in them. I consider them all gender neutral; just a description of what ever they are designed to mean. Hey, PC Police, what do you want to change ‘hu-man-race’ to? I could neutralize you!