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I wish someone would come up with a diet of everything chocolate. I could eat chocolate on everything. I don’t do that because I also want to stay a healthy weight, but what if I could? But I digress. It then occurred to me that one of the icons of romance is chocolate. Chocolate is always associated with romance. When I want a romantic evening I bring out several romantic icons to get the mood started. It amazed me to think that in every romance novel I have read, at least one of these romantic icons shows up. It didn’t occur to me when I wrote Only Love Twice that I needed to use the icons, they just appeared and were a part of the story. It shows that romance is a universal language. They flow throughout the novel.

When you see these icons, you will automatically think romantic thoughts. Chocolate is the first one. How about strawberries? How about a glass of wine? How about flowers, especially roses? How about a carriage pulled by horses? How about horses? Universal? I think so. What about music? There must always be soft background music. Are you in the mood yet? What other ideas of romantic icons have I missed?