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IMAG0105 Jewlrey

Last evening I had the opportunity to model for a young upcoming designer of jewelry. Her designs made me think that, yes, jewelry is another one of those icons that make one feel romance. The engagement ring, of course, anything diamond, definitely. But as I watched the people of at the fashion show looking at the different pieces I saw the language of romance in the eyes of the patrons. Not romance for the wearer but the thought that a certain piece might look good on someone they knew; like a girlfriend, a mother, a favored aunt.

Yes, romance is a part of love and it shows you can have love without romance. Yet the two are intertwined. It is the love we learn from our family that teaches us how to love while being romantic. One does not ‘romance’ their mother or father, but they learn the language of love from them. Then they take that knowledge to romance others in the pursuit of,,,,,,Love!  Isn’t it amazing how is goes around in a circle?

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