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While making a comment on another blog, it struck me I live in two worlds; the real world and the romantic world of my fantasies. It is this last world that I write in. However, in the blog comment, I had to remove myself from that world to honestly answer another commenter to the blog.

I do have a romantic version of life. I love to live in that state. I wish I never had to come out. But sometimes events in life bring us back to the other state. In this case it was the human rights issue. In my stories, I try to show different cultures. Sometimes I get romantically involved in the thoughts of the two characters. When that happens I forget that the cultures do have human rights abuses and that some of the people who live there are oppressed. Life is not as wonderful in real time as it is in the romantic life.
In my newly published novel, Only Love Twice has a character from Saudi Arabia. He is not overly Muslim so don’t get turned off just because he comes from that country. I used that country because it added to the controversy a romance story uses to make the characters overcome obstacles to find the perfect romance. In my research I found several people who actually lived this romantic story. They became my inspiration. Now I have been hit up side the head that this wonderful country has serious human rights abuses. And it is not just Saudi Arabia but America and every country of the world. I asked myself why? I don’t have that answer except if we all tried to life in the state of romance more, perhaps we would all do a better job of taking care of our fellow human beings.