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Sorry guys, I just have to take one day a week to plug my book, Only Love Twice, published by Strategic Book Publishing and available at Amazon.com and www.katcanfield.com. If you don’t pat yourself on the back, who else will??

Only Love Twice is a Cinderella meets Prince Charming after death and divorce have left them both single in their fifties. Madison Kelly is a furiously independent woman who need no man for anything except emotional and physical desires. Saleem Abdullah has it all; a successful business, good children and family. but his transgressions in life left him divorced and humiliated. Neither one was looking for a relationship but “Love finds a way” to bring them together. Is there controversy? Oh, yeah, as there are the religious and cultural issues to work through. But when two people love each other enough nothing will keep them apart.

Funny, after writing the above, I wish I had used this for the back cover!!! It is better than what is printed there. I hope you will check it out and purchase it. The pre-readers I used to help me work the story before publishing all loved it. They kept me writing as they kept asking for more.

You all have my permission to reblog this shameless plug!