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In the novel, Only Love Twice, Madison Kelly is a retired police officer who cannot let her instincts and training ever leave her mind. This is real life and I speak from experience. Police and Firefighters are as important to life as our military. The military protects us in countries afar; our police and fire personnel here in our local neighborhoods. Are these people perfect in their actions, no of course not. Do they let their human emotions take over, yes; how can they not and still be human. Do they make bad judgments? Of course they do.

I reflect on my past experiences because last night, three missing women where found alive after ten years in captivity. I listened to the police press conference and listen to the press crucify the police officers in Cleveland for not staying on top of this. I will not make excuses for my fellow officers as I saw dereliction of duty and abuses of power. Mostly these were judgment calls. One judgment call is whether a person is a runaway or missing/abducted. The police do investigation to determine this. Not one officer by many officers and detectives. It is the collective investigations and thoughts of many who ultimately make the determination. In this case, those officers will have to live with those decisions.

Three miracles happened last night for the families of these three girls. God does answer prayers; just not in the way we want or in the time we want, but in the way he has planned, he will answer prayers. That is another issue altogether.

These women will now exhibit a romantic attachment to their abductor. I heard a reporter asking how that is. Once again, we see that romantic feelings happen even when we shouldn’t let them. They just happen. They just happen. They happen across races, cultures, and religions. They just happen. They happen to victims or abductees. Why do the victims stay with the abductor or try to protect them? Romantic feelings happen. It just does.