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First, let me state that I love to watch the news. Some days, more than others. A story this morning made me think about the 24/7 news style we have today.

The story was about a young girl who was reportedly abducted and murdered by stabbing. Her brother was the one who gave the police the description of a man who he saw walking away with her. In the course of the investigation, it has been determined the brother actually stabbed and killed his sister.

This made me think about the causes of such behavior. I have always thought that these types of stories have always happened, just as many as we have today, but with the better reporting and more news outlets, there seems to be more of them. It certainly seems there are more murders, abductions, rapes, etc. than before but really the stories are just more concentrated.

I have seen reports that much of the bad behavior we see today in society is based on violent video games and graphic movies. Ok, I can see the point as these were not around twenty years ago or as prolific. But think about this: if the news was not so prolific on every medium out there, would we not see an upswing in the amount of violence perpetrated against other human beings?

This story about the brother stabbing his sister and killing her could just be as much about the news stories about Jody Arias stabbing her boyfriend as a violent video game. Young minds absorb the strangest things like a sponge. A young mind without life experience wants to see what happens when someone stabs someone without realizing it kills. They do not always realize death is permanent. I’m not giving this as an excuse for this child’s behavior or condemning the news for reporting. I am just asking that people think about why something like this happens; another reason besides video games and movies.

It also comes down to I don’t want to stop the making and watching of such things. But it can just be too much of something in such concentrated amounts that causes the issue. I remember a saying that ‘Too much of a good thing is bad’. Well, too much of a bad thing is just as bad for the mind and the soul as too much of a good thing.