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Photo courtesy of Dr. Abdul Al Lily

Photo courtesy of Dr. Abdul Al Lily

I had the opportunity to view several photos from back in the 40’s- 50’s from other parts of the world. We are so lucky today to be able to see life documented from a time we did not get to experience. That took me to a box of old photos handed down from my family. Most of the people in the photos are no longer with me. Some of them I never knew; just the memories related by my mother, father, and grandparents.

We all have snapshots in our minds of different events and people we knew. But upon our death, those snapshots will die also. The invention of the camera changed life so the images of people and places can be viewed by people many generations later. Now the digital age will make keeping these photos even easier.

This has brought to my mind, once a photo is taken, does that make that snapshot in time immortal? Humans have striven for immortality since we realized we’re not. They tried to make immortality with art on cave walls, on pottery, statues, and paintings. But those were just artist renditions of the real thing. The photograph gives us a real time look at that point in time. The photos of humans has made those humans immortal to everyone in the future who views them. These images will be there to share for all time so we can try to read the mind, the heart, and the soul of those who go before us.

The above photo was used by permission from Dr. Abdul Al Lily. He is a gifted artist with many wonderful pictures you may view at his Blog: Sex and Beyond: Saudi Arabia on wordpress.com . Thank you for the use of it!