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There are many of you who are avidly watching the verdict on the Jody Arias trial. I have only read the stories published in the press about the evidence. After it is over, the actual police reports will be available and I look forward to reviewing them. But from what I have read, I have my police officers perspective and what I would have concluded if I had been an investigator of this case.

And since I write about romance and I was a police officer, I feel I can offer an interesting perspective that ties to both. The reports say she had been stalking the victim. It seems she had developed the feeling she could not live without him and could not have anyone else have him. It is not unusual for stalking suspects to eventually kill the object of their fascination just for this reason. I am not a phychiatrist, but I know there is a name for this syndrome. I see Miss Arias in this category.

I saw the interview she did where she asked for the death penalty. Many people wondered why she would want to give up her life. My perspective is because she feels she cannot live without the victim, she may have intended to kill herself after killing the victim, but chickened out. I have been on crime scenes like this. The perpetrator can be standing over the victim but still get cold feet. As an officer on the scene, the perpetrator will threaten the cops so the officers may have no choice but to kill the perpetrator. We call this suicide by cop. “I can’t do it so please kill me to complete my goal.” My belief is Miss Arias got cold feet and left the scene. Then when she was caught she saw the opportunity to have the twelve members of the jury convict her to death so she in the end has made a suicide by jury. This woman is sick.

That being said, I say let her rot in jail for the entire rest of her life. Don’t give her the opportunity to follow her lover into the next world. That is what she wants. She thinks death will not separate them.

I believe in romance. It is a wonderful feeling. But it does not always turn out to be happily ever after. This story is as dark as Romeo and Juliet. There are countless stories of romances filled with such promise that turn dark and can lead to the demise of one or both. How can something so wonderful turn so dark? Yes, romance can have a dark side. Life has light and dark sides. It is for us to always go toward the light! Fortunately, most romance novelist stay on the light side, even when they use dark circumstances. I hope that will continue but we need romance stories like this to show us there is always a dark side