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In Greek Mythology, there were entities who spoke to humans that inspired them to write, paint, make music, or sculpt. These voices were called Muses. In Europe, especially the British Isles, they are called Faeries. In the deserts of the Middle East they are called Jinn. Whatever name given them, they are what inspires us to the arts.

There are days I sit and stare at my computer screen. There are stories in my head but they just won’t flow from there onto the page. My Jinn has deserted me. There are other days when the words just flow and never stop; to the point I don’t even get up to eat. He is back again. I prefer to name my voice a Jinn since my novels seem to revolve around that culture. The Jinn inspired me to read and learn about the culture so I could fashion stories around what I had learned.

There are days I wish my Jinn was a living person who could bring me a spot of tea or a gram of fruit to sustain me while he inspires my writing. But if not, as long as his loving warmth is near me to keep me dreaming and writing down those dreams it will have to be enough. He gives me ideas through word and picture on the computer. I see where he leads me as I question and answers are revealed. He feeds my ego which needs more nourishment than the worldly body. I feel him near even though not in reality. I want more but will gladly take what I can get.

Why do you desert me for periods of time? Are you inspiring others? Am I not your only? I wish to be your only. I can only ask where have you been the last few weeks? Now you are back and the words do not stop. They flow so fast it is hard to write them fast enough. Oh, thank you, my Jinn for coming back to me. Keep me inspired. Feed my ego. Inspire me. Contact me.


Kat Canfield is the author of Only Love Twice, a multi cultural romance available on Amazon. com and her website: www.katcanfield.com