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[Whisper I apologize that this post is a day late, but I was out of town without internet service. I was participating in a riding clinic with my horse in Lexington, KY. On my way there, I experienced a blowout on one tire on the horse trailer while driving on the Interstate. Without any major issue I was able to slow and pull off the next exit so I could change it in the parking lot of a gas station. Now I am a woman, driving by myself, in a big truck and trailer, so I guess passers-by thought I could handle it myself. However, no one even stopped to offer help. I changed the tire myself and within an hour my horse and I were on the road again.

But I have to ask, is chivalry dead? I had planned to write a blog about this issue before the tire happened. It’s not just the tire, but the fact that men used to open doors for women, pulled their chair out at dinner, order their preference for dinner; well you get the idea. What happened to that? This was something that attracted me to the men I dated. I have been told some men are afraid to do these things anymore because of Feminist who berate them for such behavior. I hate to hear that! First of all, not all women are feminist. Some of us like to be treated like ladies. I always show my appreciation for demonstrations of chivalry by saying “Thank you,” to that man. Women, let a man be a man and do kind things like these for us. It does not mean you are subservient to a man. It does not mean you are not an equal. These are simple kindnesses that all humans need to show to each other. If there is someone coming up to a door that I have just went through, I will hold the door for that person, regardless of sex or age. It is just polite to do so. Politeness has really gone by the wayside to the younger generation. I cannot say thank you enough to young men and women who are polite and helpful. I for one vote for chivalry to come back into vogue. I encourage the behavior  for all men around the world. Alas, it is something that seems to have left the America way of life as our Middle Eastern brothers still practice chivalry.

Now what does that have to do with Father’s Day? The flat tire happened on Father’s Day. While I was changing it, I thought back to when I first learned how to drive. My father told me if I wanted to drive a car I should know what to do if it got a flat tire. So he taught me how to change tires. I also got a flat tire during driver’s education class in school, so guess what? I could change the tire for the class. I have changed a great many tires over the years. It is a handy skill to have. It doesn’t take massive strength either; my 130 pounds on a four way lug wrench worked just fine on lugs put on with an air wrench. I remember one evening while working the afternoon shift as a police officer, I was flagged down by a motorist; a twenty something man, who had a flat tire on his car. He did not know how to change a tire! So I, in uniform, did it for him. And to add insult to injury, he stood there while other motorist drove by seeing a female change his tire. Chivalry should not be gone and it should go both ways. As a woman I can open a door or hold a door for someone older, with a stroller, or handicapped.

But to end this post, it is time to bring Chivalry back, and if you want to drive a car, you should learn how to take care of it. Oh, and one more thing, Thanks Dad, for teaching me how to change a tire. Thank you for teaching me good manners, politeness, and chivalry.