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I have spent much of the past few weeks watching the trial of George Zimmerman in Florida. I suppose because I worked as a police officer in Florida and know the Florida laws is why it fascinates me. Because I would have been a witness, I was not allowed to view a trial in its entirety. I got to sit outside the court room on a hard cold bench. I was always a witness for the prosecution. I was always cross examined by the Defense Attorney in an attempt to trip me up on my testimony so I know the tricks and the pitfalls. Watching these attorneys has been interesting to sit back and look at it from the point of view of human emotions.

As I listen to closing arguments, I realize I would never be a good juror. Some of the emotions the attorneys were trying to illicit from those jurors is completely against what I know for a fact are the way humans react in stressful situations. Military and Police are trained over and over to react in certain ways in those stressful situations so they will react specifically and attempt to keep human emotion out of it. An untrained individual will react like a human to the emotions of the moment. That is what I saw presented that both individuals did that night. No one except those two individuals know what really happened that night and one of them is not here to tell us his story.

So the Prosecutor has stated in his closing statements that we know what was in the heart of George Zimmerman and what was in the heart of Trayvon Martin. I wholeheartedly disagree. No one knows what is in a man’s heart expect that man and God. Only God knows what is in our hearts. He alone guides us and He is the one that puts what He wants in out hearts. He puts good, truth, and righteousness in our hearts at birth. Evil is not in our hearts at birth. Evil is a learned behavior we learn from other humans. Evil comes from the dark side, from Satan, the Devil, or whatever you want to call him. There are always two sides, light or dark, day or night, good or evil. Humans decide which side they will allow into their heart by what they learn in life. Those jurors do not know what was in the heart of either man that night no matter how hard the Prosecution tries to make them think otherwise.

Only God knows what was in the hearts of those two men that night. Not the Prosecutor, not the Defense, not the Judge, nor any of the jurors, only God. I am grateful God is the final judge for all of us when our life is over. He has no human emotions and He can read our hearts. I hope He will guide those six jurors to the right decision in this case.

As for my opinion in this case? I feel I have more insight than those six jurors have into the evidence presented plus I have knowledge of how humans react in stressful situations based on my training as a police officer. I know that sometimes humans perceive a more dire circumstance is occurring than is actually happening when in a stressful situation. George Zimmerman perceived his life was in danger and he reacted to preserve his own life. By the statutes of the State of Florida he acted accordingly. My opinion is this case should never have been brought to trail; George Zimmerman was completely within his rights to react as he did. But because of racist feelings of some individuals we must go after a white man who defends himself against a black man. If the situation was reversed no one would even have heard about this case. In America today it is ok for a black to kill a white no matter the circumstances. There is a case nearly the same in Florida right now where the situation is reversed. Have you heard about it? No you haven’t and unless you follow Florida happenings you won’t.

Only God knows what is in a human’s heart. He wants us to always do right. Satan wants us to hate and react against God. I firmly believe we are taught to hate, we are taught evil by Satan. It is not within the heart of humans.