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Saturday night the jurors in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial came back with a verdict of Not Guilty. While many are outraged over this verdict, these six jurors bravely gave the verdict they found by the evidence presented to them. The evidence presented clearly followed the statutes of the State of Florida. In fact the Prosecution presented the best case for acquittal with their witnesses rather than proving beyond any shadow of doubt Mr. Zimmerman broke the law.

There are times in the past when people can point to jurors bringing back a verdict contrary to the law and the evidence presented. No system is perfect. We are after all human; we let emotions guide us instead of clear facts. Emotions like greed have corrupted more juries than we would like to admit. There are other emotions like vengeance, hatred, disgust, and apathy which can cause jurors to ignore evidence and rule with their heart. But in America, we have a set of laws written down so all can see them. It is up to us to act within those laws as we can know what the parameters are before we act. The law is the law and human emotion cannot change the written law. Fortunately, even when jurors get it wrong, there are remedies like appeals courts than can change verdicts. Appeals sometimes go wrong just because human emotion can lead a judge to rule differently. No system is perfect but the American system tries to overcome the flaws.

These six jurors did the right thing. This case should have never been brought to trail as everything happened within the parameters of the existing laws. Theses jurors gave their verdict for the right reason; the evidence showed not guilty. The emotions of many where outraged based on the racial emotions they feel. They could only see the racial aspect. Fortunately Lady Justice is blind; she cannot see the skin color of the victim or the defendant. The law is supposed to be blind to race or station in life. This time it worked. Thank you, Jurors, for doing the right thing.