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Back in the day, the three ‘R’s meant Reading, wRiting, and ‘Rithmatic. These were what everyone needed to get a good education. In the age of technology, these seem to have gone by the way side. The kids now a days don’t even spell words let alone write a complete sentence. Math is done with a calculator and books are on thin tablets. (I still like the days when a nice boy carried my book bag!)

Now being a full time writer in the tech age I discovered the new three ‘R’s. To be a good writer I use these three ‘R’s: Research, Reading, then wRiting. The research is the best part. The internet has opened up a whole new world. It seems there is nothing I can’t read about or visit through photos or video. As I write my characters can go anywhere in the world and I can give the reader a very accurate description of that area. I can learn about different cultures and religions so I accurately portray them in what the characters do.

The classic novels of the past were written through imagination of the authors. They dreamed of the places they wrote about. They heard stories of cultures they had never witnessed first hand; often representing them wrongly or poorly. Sometimes unknown cultures and religions were romanticized  to the point when I research the real culture, I wonder how the information could be so different. Of course, not everything read on the internet is true so resourcing through many articles becomes necessary. Finding first hand accounts have become my best resources and has led to several wonderful online friendships.

The more I learn the more I want to learn. Funny, when I graduated college I thought I never wanted to study or do research again. After a few years though, that went away and I began to crave knowledge again. Then as knowledge increased, I discovered I wanted to share that knowledge and help the younger generation learn what I had. I interspersed the knowledge with life experience, (something I wish had been taught in school but I guess one must learn by living it). Thus have my novels become knowledge with life’s hard learned lessons.

Writing has become my new full time job. I spend my days researching and reading the subjects I write about then finally I get to put it down as the written word. Writing, how wonderful to commit words to paper, (or a computer scene). But unlike when pen went to paper, now there is spell check and grammar check to aid me as I write. Too bad the computer doesn’t realize I’m still dyslexic!