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A few days ago there was a video posted that has went viral of three black teens giving a ‘beat down’ to a white student on the school bus. The event happened in Florida. If you have heard the term ‘beat down’ but weren’t sure what it was, this video shows a good one. There are lots more posted on Youtube. Basically, it is gang slang for the beating of an individual usually by several others. It is not done for killing or maiming but for the instillation of fear. It is also part of gang initiation to most street gangs.

According to the news reports, this beating was because the white kid had ‘ratted out’ (reported to authorities, more slang) the main instigator for selling marijuana in the school restroom. The victim received two black eyes, broken arm, and broken ribs. So far, the boys doing the beat down have not been charged. All the students are juveniles. The bus driver has been charged with child neglect because he did not attempt to stop the fight. On the footage I saw the bus driver told the boys to stop the fight and you could hear him call for assistance, whether to the police for school authorities; that is not clear. He did not attempt to stop the beat down by physically getting involved.

So far, I have not heard any comments from Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson regarding this behavior. I have not heard Barak Obama say a word either. Where is the outrage that this has happened? It sure did not take long for the race police to get involved when it was George Zimmerman who was receiving a beat down from Trayvon Martin. What did I just say, Trayvon Martin was giving a beat down to George Zimmerman?? Yes, that was exactly what was happening before Mr. Zimmer pulled his gun to protect his life. How do I know that? The female friend of Trayvon stated that Trayvon told her on the phone he was going to “give a beat down to the Cracker” (more slang for a white person) so he would never follow him again in that neighborhood. She forgot to say it on the witness stand in court but she did remember to say it while giving an interview on one of the news programs. 

The reason those words were never brought out in court is the prosecution did not want the jury to hear those words.  It would show that Mr. Zimmerman was indeed in fear for his life that night and that Martin was the aggressor.

Beat downs are quite common in black and Hispanic gangs. However, most people do not know about them. It has become a part of western culture. It is a status symbol to give them and a status symbol to have received one. It is an outrage that this has become a common part of growing up in America. but do you hear any outrage? Do you think you will hear an outrage? Sadly, no, unless the perpetrator is a white kid doing the beating to a black kid. How sad is that?? Where is the outrage? Why is it ok to beat down a white kid? Why can’t we put on blinders and dispense justice equally across the board? Justice is supposed to be blind and all humans are created equal, right? Where is the outrage?

I feel sorry for the bus driver in this incident. He is damned if he does or damned if he doesn’t. If he gets involved to try to stop the fight he loses his job because he has had to use force against a juvenile. If he does nothing he loses his job because he did nothing to stop it. The juveniles may have fought him but most likely will want to file battery charges because he touched them in a threating manner. Poor guy. He loses out no matter what the outcome of the incident. He was a big enough guy he could have tried to get between the perpetrators and the victim to protect the victim. But he is a black guy, what would people in the ‘hood’ (more slang) say about him trying to save a white kid? Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. It is a sad state of affairs in this country when you are first of all afraid to help another human being and second of all afraid of your own race. It is a sad state of affairs in this country when it is ok for a black person to beat up a white person but whites must stand down no matter what.

I say again, where is the outrage?