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Saudi Dates!

Saudi Dates!

It seems that everyday we get a new medical study about something that is bad for us.  Then months or years later we will get a different study that shows the first study was wrong now it is good for you. I remember when eggs were so bad, they will drive your cholesterol too high and cause heart attack. Now, eggs are on the good side again. Remember when alcohol and wine cause so may health problems? Well, now a recent study shows they help with weight loss. And wine of course helps your heart and digestion. Coffee was another one of the bad things people consume that will destroy your health. Then two to three cups a day were great to aid your health. Today, the study was back after coffee again. Gee, what can we eat and drink to keep ourselves healthy??

Many years ago my mother shared a grain of truth to me: “Everything in moderation, nothing to excess.” I don’t know where she heard the quote so I can properly give credit, but it is a truth for all humans to live up to. Drinking, eating, or too much of anything is not good for us. But a little of any one thing is good and can be a comfort as well as giving us better health. I do admit to going to excess a time or two. We all have to learn our limits. I have hard limits, but I like to push the envelope a bit. I don’t think there can ever be too much coffee or my other favorite bad boy, chocolate. (chocolate covered coffee beans are just the bomb!) But I will gladly run an extra mile for another glass of wine. Excess in the number of miles I run so I can have a bit of excess with wine or chocolate? Sounds like a good trade off to me.

But in all seriousness, if we moderate our habits and choices in life we can enjoy more without sacrificing our health. Perhaps that little saying may have come from Proverbs. It is a wise saying. Religion certainly uses it to keep believers in line. Though for some things they would not even grant humans a moderate line. If all humans could adapt a moderate line in religion, culture, food, drink, and even sex we would all live better in harmony with the world.

A little moderation? Could it be that simple?