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This morning Fox News was reporting a study that showed 66% of men now will not continuing to date a woman who does not pay at least half the cost of a date. Oh, really? Sixty six percent? There were many reasons cited for the new trend. The first being that women are earning more than men so why shouldn’t they pay. I hope those who think there is a war against women are listening to that. Those on that bandwagon  scream there is no equality in the work place and women can’t get the same pay as men. Ok, experts, which is it? You can’t have it both ways. Another reason cited for women paying for dates was that women want equality. Well, it is true we want to be treated equal in life and not a second rate citizen. But men should be able to let women be equal where the woman has proved she has the ability to be equal. Don’t lower the standards so she can be equal, make her work up to standards that makes everyone work harder to improve the society as a whole. Now we have their side, its time to hear this woman’s side.

I know I am not speaking for all women here. I would not presume to do that. This is just my opinion but I think it is also the thoughts of many more of us than thought. There are two things I look for in a man, all men. Romance and Chivalry. I want to be romanced. That means dinner, wine, dancing, roses, jewelry, etcetera. I want a chivalrous man. That means opening doors, ordering my dinner, and paying for the date! It is up to the man to attract the female. It is his to make himself look better than all the other men the woman has the opportunity to go out with. Think of it like a peacock. The male peacock has beautiful tail feathers and he struts around with his plummage on display to attract the female. Chivalry is a man’s plummage to attract a female. While I don’t want a super ego going on I do want a man to work at attracting my attention. He does that by being chivalrous.

His chivalry will attract me. Now he needs to show some romance so I can see and feel that spark that will make a relationship start. I need to feel a spark, a deep attraction, before the man gets any more. I know this is also old fashioned today as many young women jump right into bed then move on to the next man. Hey, Ladies, make them work for it! You have a precious gift, don’t give it to every swinging dick that walks down the street. No wonder the men have lost respect for women and expect the women to pay on a date. If there is no challenge then why work to impress her? Just go out, pay half and get the benefits regardless. What has the world come too?

Several women have weighed in on this and I agree with them. The first was that after I have paid many dollars for a manicure, great looking dress, shoes, hair, and make-up, I deserve to have the man pay for my supper. Hell yeah! Women getting ready to go out costs; it costs lots of dollars. And why do women go through all that? Because they want to attract the man! Women can be peacocks too. Unfortunately, someone discovered that women will pay big bucks to look good so women’s products cost more; especially ones that really work. Our clothing costs more, our shoes cost more, our beauty products cost more. Oh, we could just buy bargain items and shop at Wal-Mart but why look like everyone else when you can stand out above the rest? It goes back to that human condition that the harder you work the higher you rise. (This human condition is a blog for another day!)

The second reply I heard a woman make regarding the study was this: If he expects me to pay then “See ya!”, no more date and don’t call me. You go girl! Ladies, if we all stand together on this either the men will only date themselves or they will see the light and chivalry will return. Since most men desire our company then they will try to mend the error of their ways. If we women would stand together men would work at romance more and relationships would be longer lasting. It might even lead to a life long commitment if you don’t give it up too soon. (I know, where is the fun in that? But the more romance the more fun behind the bedroom door!)

I look forward to hearing your comments, ladies and gentlemen!