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I noticed a magazine cover this week in the grocery store of Jack Nicolson. I remarked to my friend how much more handsome he was as he got older. It seems to be that way with most men, all of them not just actors but we see it most with them. I think Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwartzenegger, certainly Sean Connory, Paul Newman, and even Morton Downey Jr. have all gotten better looking and even more sexy as they mature. On the other side, can you think of one woman who you can say the same? At least in the Actress category I can’t. Betty White perhaps not better looking but certainly funnier. Women seem to gain in other things. I have notice just men in general seem to get better with age while we women not so much. It just isn’t fair.

Men also seem to gain in sex appeal as they mature also. Perhaps I should say this and not so much better looking. So not fair. I ask you, if you can think of a woman actress who has gotten better looking with age, please comment and tell the rest of us.