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Syria has become an enigma. It is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t. It is nearly a no win situation. But unless there is an imminent threat to the United States, do we have the right to intervene?

It now appears that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. It is unclear who used them against who. Was it the rebels, the government, or a third party? Where did they come from? Well, does anyone remember those WMD’s that Saddam Hussein had that weren’t found? It was widely thought they had gone over the border into Syria. Now suddenly Syria has and is using chemical weapons? Those who thought those weapons had gone to Syria were called ‘conspiracy theorist’. Well, finally, they have been proved right.

Ok, now we know Syria has them. They are fighting a civil war. The rebels want freedom. The Government wants to stay in power. It is their business and no one else’s. America and all other nations need to stay out of their affairs. We can encourage the freedom fighters; even give them advice, but it should stop there. History is full of situations where other countries helped one side or the other in such wars. America has backed freedom fighters in many countries. History shows that the freedom seeking people may gain their freedom from the current regime but other bad elements get control and the old government gets taken over by a new one that forces itself on the people and they still do not have the freedom they fought for. Do you remember Afganistan? Do you remember Egypt? Do you remember America covertly backed Saddam Hussain in the Iraqi/Iranian war only to have him turn on us? The freedom fighters in Afganistan fought the Russians with our help only to fall into the clutches of Al-Qaida and Bin Laden. For our efforts we got 9/11. If we intervene in Syria or for that matter, Egypt, do we get an equally horrific event? Yet, if we don’t, do we get a more oppressive government for these people, who are asking for help, than they have now? What is the right decision?

The US going in on its own is not the answer. However, if the US could work more closely with Syria’s neighbors and back our allies there to decide who is the right side as far as their future, could be may be the better solution. That means talking to Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UAE, and other Gulf nations as what happens in Syria and Egypt affects them the most. They have a better feel for what is happening and a better understanding of the cultures and religious divides there. It is time for them to put some skin in the game. Why must we keep sacrificing our men and women in a war that does nothing for us and may come back to bite us later down the road.

America should not be isolationist. That does not work either. But working with principals of the middle east is. Advice from afar is the better solution than hands on. We have wonderful military leaders who can help the allies get the information to the right people within to effect a positive outcome for freedom loving people all over the world. Is this not the better way?