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When I was in high school and college, my favorite subjects were history and science. I expected to have a career as a doctor or historian. But God had different ideas and I was guided into law enforcement. I do love to research the law and its origins; guess that shows I still like history. But law enforcement also involves politics; both internal and external. Some of those politics will be involved in my next novel, but I digress. Of course the more I learn about politics, the more I want to learn. Of course I learned enough world history to know those who do not learn from history, are condemned to repeat it. Actually, the correct quote is “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”, by George Santayano in Reason in Common Sense. This a great read and a blog for another day. Mr. Santayano’s quote is often turned around but it still has the same meaning. We need to learn from history or we are about to repeat the same mistakes. The latest mistake is Syria.

While the American Congress debates whether we involve ourselves in Middle East politics, I encourage everyone to check the internet for resources into what may really be going on there. As a historian I have learned to be a conspiracy theorist in most things political. Unfortunately I have been right more than wrong in my theories over the years. In this case, the theory is not all as it seems in Syria. I ask you, why would al Assad use chemical weapons against his innocent people when he was winning the civil war against the rebels? Does it make sense to risk the wrath of the world to kill a few civilians? No. But it seems a few hundred people may be suffering from exposure. Seems to me if you are going to use the stuff, use enough to get the job done. Saddam Hussain killed plenty when he used it. Since the chemical weapons came from Iraq, it should be expected they would be in the same concentrations and the same delivery systems. Yet the incident in the suburb of Damascus on August 21, 2013 is very isolated and few died. As of this morning, I have not seen enough evidence put forth to show that indeed a chemical weapon, such as those Assad has, were used. Secretary of State John Kerry has not shown any evidence. It appears many of our congressmen and senators agree, it cannot be determined which side may have used chemical weapons.

This is the evidence that we do know for sure: Something happened in the suburb of Damascus. The doctors who have treated the people brought to the hospital cannot confirm Sarin gas. The symptoms are similar to concentrated tear gas, a high concentration of pesticides, or what is known as ‘kitchen Sarin’, (a homemade similar compound to Sarin made by jihadists in less than laboratory conditions.) There is evidence the rebels have kitchen Sarin and Syrian government forces have had the gas used against them. Also, a Syrian government leader not aligned with Assad and a member of the Kurdish democratic Union stated Assad has no reason to use chemical weapons as he is winning. This individual, Saleh Muslim, said the chemical weapons used were “aimed at framing Assad and blaming the Syrian regime”. Now enter the Obama regime. There is a lot more going on and there are plenty of sources on the internet to help confirm the conspiracy theory. I point you to an article by Professor Yossef Bodansky, senior editor GIS/Defense and Foreign Affairs and Oil Price. Did the White House Help Plan the Syrian Chemical Attack? | Global Research or you can google it to read yourself. This is where I get the evidence for my theory.

I think our government is leading us down the path toward a new war. A war we have no business being involved in. So far, American lives have not been effected in Syria. American lives were effected in Bengasi, Libya yet the American President did nothing. Oh, sorry, yes he did, he played golf. Of course, that was also a set up to get arms to rebels but went wrong and several men died including our Ambassador. Does anyone see a pattern here? Why are we getting involved in a civil war? While Assad is not a nice guy he is known to us. Remember, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. (Anyone what to help me find the source of that quote?) He has kept stability in his country. He is no different than Mubarak in Egypt. They were allies to a point. Yet we turned our back on them even knowing that possibly we would get a real devil in the next regime. The Egyptian people got their freedom but unfortunately misplaced their trust in Morsi. It remains to be seen what happens there. (Too bad Americans don’t consider the possibility of changing our regime here.) But Al Qaida is behind many of the rebel forces in Syria and they do have homemade chemical weapons. What if they used them, made it look like Assad’s forces used them, then sit back and wait for America to enter into the civil war. My theory? Is Al Qaida waiting to attack us there or is Obama in league with Al Qaida? I’m waiting on the men in black to knock on my door.