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“The more I learn, the more I want to learn”. I could not find a source of this quote to give credit for it or it is indeed a known quote: if someone knows please help me out. It has not been that many years ago that the sources of knowledge was only gleaned from published book bought in book stores or found in the library. Sometimes finding information was extremely difficult. Huge books, called Encyclopedias, helped students and teachers alike find sources of information. When reading the classics, I marvel that the authors could know about the places they wrote about unless they had actually visited there. Today, knowledge can simply be found from a search engine for the internet. The internet has let me travel around the world to study new cultures. I can visit cities and looked at architecture and real estate I would otherwise never get to see. I meet people and make friends I would otherwise not have. All because a whole new world has opened to me via the internet. And the more I find to learn, the more I want to learn. Thus, the ‘More’; more thirst for knowledge, more questions as knowledge is gained. A new romance is spawned, a romance for knowledge.