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I am concerned for the people of Syria and pray for them daily. As well as those in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries where the threat of war looms. It is not a good time to live in that part of the world. There are so many unanswered questions as to who is to blame. Neither side seems to be less culpable than the other. This is one reason why I think countries not immediately involved should stay out of it; that means the US as well as Russia. There are neighboring countries, like Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, and Jordon who understand more of the culture, religion, and politics of the people that we do here. The US and Russia should spend more of their resources on humanitarian issues and helping the people effected than getting militarily involved. We would be better served to help the innocent.

As I sit and reflect on the situation and I study each side, I am reminded of a certain human condition: men will make war. Yes, unfortunately, in this as most cases, it is men. All though history, it is men who start war. It is a part of the human psyche to wage war. Sometimes in history there were no reasons for war except that men wanted to wage them. It is something that starts when boys are young and continues into adulthood. In the case of Syria and Egypt, it started because of another human condition; men and women yearn to be free. When will those in power realize that more peace can be had in a country if the people are more free to enjoy life, work to earn a living, support their family, and worship God in the way they want. Even in America, there are those who try to take these basic freedoms away so I do understand some of the pain.

There are so many divergent paths I could take at this point. So I may do several blogs today that go down each path. This one is going to be dedicated to why the rest of the world is concerned with what is happening in Syria. That is the use of chemical weapons. There have been some sort of chemical or biological weapons used all through history. But after World War One it was decided there needed to be rules set down for how war would be conducted. It is nice to have a set of rules wrote down, but we all know there is another one of those human conditions in play here; rules are made to be broken. Since 1921, chemical weapons have occasionally been used. They have been used by despots against their own people. They have not been used on the battlefield against opposing forces, that is factually known. There are rumors. But we have several times they were used by government forces against the civilians of the country. Sometimes to gain the advantage of power, sometimes to kill races those in power wanted to be rid of. Since no human should be above another for any reason, this is a sad state of affairs. Whether you believe in God or not, no human being should be considered above another. We all bleed red. If more humans lived life this way we may have less reasons to wage war.

It does appear that chemical weapons were used in Syria. It is not clear who used them. America, Russia, and other countries should stand together against the use of such weapons against innocent civilians. Yet they are fighting against each other of something trivial. They need to find common ground here; basically that chemical weapons should not be used and who cares who used them or who used them first. That is not our problem, that is the Syrians problem and the countries around them effected by the civil war. But, world powers should be concerned about getting the current chemical weapons out of the hands of those who have them. All the world’s powerful nations should ban together to put pressure on Syria to give up their chemical weapons. It should be done diplomatically and not militarily. Together Russia and America could put enough pressure on Assad and enough pressure on the rebels. It seems everyone wants to jump immediately into military action. Military action should always be the means of last resort.

At the G20 summit, it seems no one can see the forest for the trees. I actually trust Putin more than I do Obama because Putin is at least of a military mind. Obama seems to not have a mind or opinion other than whoever is his puppeteer gives him. This is a dangerous situation. I just hope better heads prevail in our congress and people within the two countries will sit down to find a better solution or else we may be looking at World War Three and possibly the Apocalypse.