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I heard this question on several radio programs today asking for people to reflect where they were when 9/11 happened. So I am interested in where my readers were when they heard the news or watched it on television. Please post your comment for all to share.

Where was I? As it happened, it was my off day so I got up a bit late that morning. I had just come in from the feeding my horses, got a cup of coffee, and sat down to watch the news. I turned on Fox and Friends. I think I was into my second cup when they gave an alert that something had happened at the World Trade Center, possibly a small plane crash. They had reporters and cameras on the way. When I saw the first pictures, I felt sure it was more than a small plane that had hit the tower. Then as the camera rolled on the tower in live time, I saw the second plane hit. It took the news correspondent, John Scott, a minute to believe what he had just seen, but sure enough, a second plane, and one that was large, hit the second tower. I was glued to the television for the rest of the day. By the time the plane came down in Shanksville, PA I knew America had been attacked and I was ready to do whatever my Country needed of me. Our police department went on alert and we were asked to prepare as if we were in hurricane preparedness mode. I cried many tears that day for the souls that were lost and I was ready to get my pound of flesh from whomever had done this. My first thought was a group with Timothy McVeigh leanings. But soon I knew it had come from over seas.

I did not know much about Islam at that time. I have certainly learned a lot in the twelve years since. I have learned the religion is not bad; it is some of the interpretations of a few who have hijacked a religion. I have learned basically the Quran teaches peace but, just like Christianity, it gets corrupted by a few zealots and the rest are in fear to speak out. I have spent many hours reading the history of the middle east, and the different interpretations of religion. I will end this post with this thought: A few men, mostly British and some Americans, got involved in trying to manipulate the middle east for their own gain, oil. If everyone had stayed out of it and let the Turks, Arabs, Egyptians, and others fight it out perhaps the whole world would be a better place. Shades of Egypt, Syria, Libya, and others today?? How about we as Americans stay out of their religion and political differences!!!