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There is a new phrase being used in America. That phrase is ‘Leadership from behind’. This is the oxymoron of all oxymoron’s. How do you lead from behind? I wanted to be sure I remembered my definitions of the word correctly, so I checked the Oxford Dictionary. I don’t think I need to quote the definitions as it is easy to look up but basically it means the action of leading a group of organization or the ability to do so. No matter which version of the word ‘lead’ or ‘leader’ it is the person, animal, vehicle, etc. that goes first. A human leads a horse by going first. The car at the head of the line and crosses the finish line first is the leader. I could find no definition where a leader was described as behind. Even the best generals in history were on the front lines leading their troops; Caesar, Napoleon,  Stonewall Jackson, Patton, all stood on the lines and directed the battle, not hiding in the rear area. Those who tried to lead from behind are relegated in history as losers we very seldom hear about.

So there is no way to lead from behind. Churchill might not have been on the front lines but he lead the way based on what his generals reported to him. He was a great leader. Any great CEO of a corporation listens to those he put under him as he respects their abilities to lead their divisions and report to him honestly so he can make the decisions to take the company forward. He leads. He stand to the front of his company.

There are so many examples in history of leaders. No matter what area you want to look, there are good leaders who always lead from the front. So why is the American President trying to lead from the rear? I have my own opinion on this, and since this is my place to state it, here it is. Obama does not want to lead. He was never a leader, he is a follower. He punted, to use an American football analogy. He gave the Russian President, Putin, the lead in controlling the world order of things.

America used to be a leader in the world. The rest of the world looked to us to help them. The people of Syria and Egypt looked to America to help them gain freedom from oppression. When the communist system fell in the 1980’s it was America who helped lead those people into a free society. Unfortunately, there are some people in America and other parts of the world, who think America should no longer be exceptional. Obama is one of these. He is trying to bring down America and relegate us to second place, or third or fourth. Well, Mr. Obama, that is not what humans aspire too. No matter how you try to brainwash people to think otherwise, the human condition is to be first and to be free. Free of government oppression. Free to provide for themselves in however way they want. Free to worship God, or not, in the way they want. Free to speak their mind. Free to go where they want, when they want. In the last five years these freedoms have slowly been diminished through government controls. Now that we in America have lost so much of our freedoms, the whole country is being diminished to the point of who would want to live here? Is that his idea of immigration reform? While his punting of leadership to Russia may have staved off World War Three, it has done nothing to improve the situation. He should have stayed out of it in the first place. But once he got involved he should have followed through in some way. My Aunt has a saying that is very appropriate: “Lead, follow, or get out of the way!” Obama does not want to lead, he can’t seem to follow others, so he needs to just get out of the way and let the real leaders do their job and lead us to a solution!

There are many good leaders here in America who I think could provide a solution for Syria and in the greater arena, Egypt and the whole Middle East. A good leader knows how to pull the best minds forward. If America could put the best minds forward, we could lead the world to a peaceful solution for everyone involved. A good leader could do that. I doubt Putin will use the good minds; he will only use his own mind to make himself the future leader of the world.