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I re-blogged a posting by Dr. Al Lily about music being banned in Saudi Arabia. I understand it is a cultural thing there, not so much religious, but sad for the residents there. I am also aware there are many churches in America and other places where music is banned within the church. I don’t understand that, as music was very much appreciated within the text of the Bible. Humans have made some sort of music since humans were on the face of the earth. It is romance without the sex being attached to it. It is sad to think of a world without music.

Can you imagine a world without music? I cannot. While not all things called music are pleasurable, most do stir us in some way. Birds sing and insects hum. The call to prayer is a music to the ears of the worshipers. Life is music. I work out and even clean house with the sounds of music in my ears. Perhaps if we had never heard a note of music we would not know what we have missed. Except, there are examples of those who have never heard a note of music who have provided some of the best music to us.

The best example of one who never heard a note of music is Beethoven. He was blind, deaf, and mute from birth. He didn’t write his music based on what he knew about music, he wrote it based on what God put into his heart. He could feel the music without hearing it. Many more of our great composers and musical performers have been deaf or blind yet they deliver some of the best music to be heard. Ray Charles is great example also.

I believe the music comes from God. God speaks to the soul through music. Some would say the music made by the voice is all that God requires and the instruments are just unnecessary noise. Perhaps, unless you have ever heard a tone deaf person try to sing. At least the instruments try to overcome the off key singing; unless the piano is out of tune, and I have heard that too. All music of all types is enhanced with both instrument and human voice. Those gifted individuals who can sing without instrumental accompaniment are truly blessed by God.

The world is filled with music. It sings within our souls in everything we do as we go throughout our daily lives. Listen to the sounds of your heart and soul, listen the sounds of the world around you. You can find true happiness from the music of life.