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Interested in how day two goes? First, let me say, the bed Saturday night felt wonderful and thank goodness for room service. My aunt and I did the walk together and we were both still trying to thaw out and were asleep by 9 PM. I woke at 5:30 AM so I could get ready for another 13.1 miles. At least this morning it was 48 degrees but it still felt cold. The walk started at 7:30 AM. Today I wrapped my knee so I would have no issues with it and amazingly, I felt pretty good.

About mile 3 I did start to take off the sweatshirt. Then mile 6 I was out of the vest. At half way point I changed my shirt order around so I could have long sleeves and had to carry all my shirts wrapped around my waist. At mile 8 I was really beginning to hate seeing the mile markers. They had the marker for todays section as well as a total miles on each marker. Thank goodness for the cute sayings that made them more fun to look at, like 50 Shades of Pink. I could chuckle at many of them but as you see,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA most I forgot what they were. Many of the walkers would take pictures at each marker and I wish I had done that so I could remember what all they said. They were designed to be cheerleading. Today we also had more people along the route who did cheerlead to help keep your spirit up and keep trudging along. The last three miles were killer. You knew it wasn’t much more but it was hard to keep the feet moving. And then, finally, the end!!! How wonderful to see that finish line. I was hugged by women who were in various stages of chemo, women who had lost their mothers’ to breast cancer, men who lost their wives, and sons and daughters of survivors. Wow, what at great experience to help raise funds to find a cure, help women afford mammograms, and help those affected by this horrible disease. In total those of us who walked helped raise over one and a half million dollars.

Today’s walk was easier than yesterday but until you actually walk 39.3 miles in two days you don’t realize how hard it is. Yet it is no way near as hard as dealing with cancer. I would much rather prefer to walk than deal with it so I have decided to sign up to walk again next year. It has taken a few days to recover; physically I recovered quicker than mentally. I also have not walked more than a mile any day this week. That is a big departure from my training routine of 7-10 miles a day. I hope this week I will get back to my 5 mile walks.

If you have someone in your family or a friend who is currently battling cancer, or a survivor, go give them a hug. Let me know your stories as I want to share them with others. It is a way of giving hope to those who suffer and the friends and family of those inflicted. We can do this together, my friends, and I look forward to walking into a future cancer free!

Oh, and this last picture? It is one of the cheerleaders along the way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA