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Earlier this week there was a news story about a six year old boy being labeled as a sexual predator when he was caught kissing the hand of a female classmate. After thinking about this I see the need to confess my sins and give myself up as a sexual predator. Back in the day, I had a serious crush on a Kindergarten classmate of mine. We were both probably five or six years old. His name was Joey Hendrix. Joey was actually in a different classroom with a different teacher than mine. However, every morning for several days, I would sneak into Joey’s classroom, find him as he sat at his desk, and plant a kiss on the top of his head. Then I would run out and back to my own class. I don’t even know if Joey knew who planted that kiss on his head or if he even cared. Now granted this was many years ago and perhaps the statute of limitations has run out but I am guilty of what today has become a horrible crime.

In the recent story, the victim, a six year old girl, is the professed girlfriend of the perpetrator. She did not have a problem with the advance the boy made on her. So, since she was a willing participant, she cannot really be a victim under the law unless her parents wish to file charges of statutory sexual battery because she is under the age of consent. My understanding is they are not doing that it is the school who is pursuing the charges.

This current event did not happen in Florida so I cannot answer to the state laws of that state but I can give my opinion based on the laws of Florida where I worked as a police officer. First of all, the event does not qualify a sexual battery. The crime of sexual battery means the unwanted intentional touching of the sexual parts of the victim by a perpetrator. That would be the genital areas of the victim and in the case of a female victim, the breasts. This young boy kissed her hand so it has no sexual component based on the statute. The most that could be charged is battery. So our young chivalrous man is not a sexual predator. He may be guilty of being a very young romantic. How many of us women would like for a man to take our hand for a kiss. Does this mean that Prince Charming is guilty of sexual predation because he kissed the hand of Cinderella?

Now, in todays society, does this mean kissing is a sexual act? I don’t think so. I kiss my relatives occasionally on the lips or cheeks. I even kiss my friends sometimes in greeting or good bye. So I am now guilty of additional sexual predation? Since when has the simple kiss become sexual? Men and women kiss each other in a not sexual way all the time. I guess I should expect the police to come arrest me very soon. I hope you all will continue to read my blog from prison. 😉

The really sad part of this story is that this tag will follow this boy for his whole life. At six years old he doesn’t even have an understanding of sex let alone what are sexual acts. His mother now must try to explain to him the birds and the bees as we would say. I think six years old is a bit young to learn about this and I feel sorry for his mother and father having to give him the “talk”. In reality, every child in the classroom will have to be given the talk as they know something has happened and we all know children talk to each other. Now they have lost the innocence of youth by knowing about adult things and it could lead to experimentation on their part which no one should want. Kids learn the truth about sex too young as it is nowadays. We see girls becoming pregnant much too young in today’s society. This situation has opened a whole big can of worms for society.

The real villain in this case is the teacher who thought the kissing of a girl’s hand rose to the level of sexual battery and had a boy arrested for being a sexual predator. Have you lost your mind? Are you jealous that some little boy didn’t kiss you on the hand when you were six years old? Or, if you are a male teacher, are you my victim Joey who still wants to get back at a little six year old girl who kissed him on the head back all those years ago!