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Today is Christmas Day throughout the world. Not everyone celebrates Christmas but regardless of what religion (or lack of religion) you follow, this is a special and magical time of year. It is the time of year where random strangers do nice things for others. It is a time we give help to the least of those. It is time of miracles. It seems regardless of your race, religion, or culture, this time of year brings a wonderful feeling to everyone.

I wish for everyone a wonderful feeling out there this day. The wonderful feeling enveloping me is a feeling of peace. I wish this feeling for the entire world. Peace can be achieved if we will all just be more tolerant of each other; respect our differences and accept them; let even the things you don’t like be tolerable to you as they are liked by others. There are lots of things I don’t like about some people yet I respect their right to like, believe, or practice what they want. The whole world could be more peaceful if everyone of us would be thus respectful of others even those across the world.

Love everyone, it doesn’t hurt to be forgiving, and watch how much better your life will be. Happy Holidays to everyone!!