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The Obama administration has stated their mission for the New Year is income inequality. They want to extend un-employment compensation and raise the minimum wage. How much inequality will there be when we are all living in cardboard boxes??

There are several aspects of the human condition what cannot be ignored in this mission. First, humans are competitive and will work to get ahead of their fellow human beings. All through history there has been a rich, ruling class and a poorer subjugated class. Every time it has been tried to equalize the two, it never works; and there is plenty of evidence of this. Obama as well as others of his ilk think if they take money from the top earners, those who have, and give it to those who don’t, thus bringing the poorer up, everyone will be happy and everyone will be equal. Except for one thing, do you see those who are working to bring this idea about giving up their high incomes? Do you see Obama giving his entire income away so help bring even his own family up to a higher living standard? No and you never will.

Second of all, if you get paid to sit at home, you will sit at home. By extending un-employment benefits, you are only extending the time individuals will stay home and collect before going back to work. There are jobs out there. It may not be what you were trained in or went to school for. It may not be the same type of job you had before. It may pay less than you received before and you might have to work two jobs to make the same money. Oh, well, get your butt out there and do it. Hard work moves a human up the ladder of better living. And why is that? It is human. But for those who do work hard to move up and then government starts to take more and more of your hard earned money away, humans get frustrated and they quite trying to make more money or just quit and live on un-employment or on their relatives. Pure human nature and nothing or no one will ever change that. When all the butts are sitting at home collecting un-employment who is going to pay into the system? No one and the system fails. The system is the American people. When America fails, where will the rest of world be?