As a police officer, I ran into so many homeless who were that way because they wanted to be, just like this young man. Some are mentally ill but most just like ‘living off the grid’. I have to compare them to the men of a different era, they were called ‘mountain men’. They roamed the forests and mountains, living off the land because they did not like society and preferred to be alone. For them, it was considered a romantic notion; for today it is considered crazy. So, homeless in an unpopulated rugged land or homeless in a concrete jungle?
We have to find the ones who don’t want to be there and give them a helping hand and leave the ones who want to be there alone. I think it is part of the human condition so let them be human.

Culture Monk

here with you

by Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday I walked perilously close to the edge of an argument with a homeless person, “Dude, I just don’t get it….the wind-chill factor brings the temperature down to -20 degrees and this still doesn’t make you think that its time to get a job and change your life” I asked him

Kenneth, I already told you; I’m sick of all the dumb tough stuff in life. I’m sick of cell phones and Facebook and everything else that people in this damn country are obsessed with…..I’m tired of triviality” he said

Perhaps some arguments are worth having; sometimes people really want to listen to what we have to say and as long as the argument can be done in a respectful manner…..sometimes there is a place for an argument. However, yesterday was not one of those times. The young homeless man I…

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