I am posting this review of my novel, Only Love Twice, done by Sandy Appleyard. (Please visit her website: www.sandyappleyard.com to see more book reviews.) I would have liked more than three stars but the review was very fair. One thing we have to remember about all reviews; is it is one person’s opinion on that day. I hope you will find what she has to say a better judge than the number of stars. I will also note that if you go to Amazon or Goodreads, you will find more five star reviews than not so all reviews are important. Enjoy!


Book Review: Only Love Twice


Star Rating: 3 Stars


What the book is about


Saleem, a prince in a long line of Saudi Arabian descendants, meets Madison, an independently wealthy, widowed American woman. They find each other via the internet and months later meet up in person to discover that despite the fact that they’re from two entirely different worlds, they have very much in common.


What I enjoyed about the story


It was very interesting reading about the lifestyles of a Saudi Arabian prince and a retired, well-to-do police woman. The way the two backgrounds meshed and how they found stories that they could relate to was really interesting. Some of the religion discussed was very intriguing and the issues that they came across while courting gave some really good flavour to the story.


What I found less enjoyable about the story


I was immediately thrown off by the fact that the main character Madison is a retired police officer, yet she’s running a sexually explicit website. I think the morals of a cop, retired or not, would be more stringent than that personally.


The story lacked action. It was a lot of flowery back-story that illustrated how the two fall in love, but little else. The author discusses the history of both main characters and brings in a few others, but aside from that there is little going on.




While the book itself reads very easily, the author’s style is very mechanical and didn’t flow well for me. I found myself skimming through many areas that were repetitive and dry.




The first half of the book could have been condensed a lot. There was a lot of repetition, too much back-story and ‘he said, she said’ narration. The grammatical errors weren’t overwhelming, although it could definitely have used another proofread.


Would I read it again or recommend it?


I would not read it again, but I would recommend it to someone who is seeking love for the second time around-especially those in the fifty-plus age range. The book has a lot of merits and I did enjoy parts of it, I just felt the author’s writing style could be a little spicier.


It is very apparent that the author used a lot of her own personal history to create this book; you can tell she put a lot of heart into telling the story. I look forward to reading more of the author’s work.


Here are some excerpts I enjoyed from the book:


“I cannot know how you feel because of your loss. But, I can see your feelings for me in your eyes. You show everything you are thinking there; one just has to look. It was those eyes that gave me the courage to tell you how I feel.”


“Allah gave us the choice of being good or evil. He doesn’t care how we worship him as long as we worship. The evil makes men use religion, or even the lack of religion, for its own means. It is the evil that does it, not the man.”