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The latest idea being floated by the Obama Regime has a term: it is called trickle up economics. The short version of how it works is the Government gives low income or no income people money, they go out and spend it which gets the money into the economy so the person they buy from now has money then they spend that money; on up the chain. Sounds good in theory.  By the way, they don’t work to earn the money, it is just given to them. There are no regulations on how they spend the money, it can be used for drugs, guns, any black market items or put under the mattress and not spent at all. But where does the money come from the Government want to give away? It comes out of your pocket and mine by way of taxes.

I heard the best example of how this works in a real world analogy. Substitute Mafia for Government. In the Mafia, someone runs one of the rackets; prostitution, drugs, etcetera. They get a cut but the bulk of the money goes up the chain to the man at the top; the Godfather if you will. Sure each next higher level person takes a cut before the money gets to the top but the main man gets most of the money. The man at the top gets richer while those at the bottom just barely get by. That what leads to corruption by someone taking more than their share of the “skim” and they usually end up dead if caught. Of course what would Hollywood do without this perfectly natural human drama?

If you look at most any dictatorship that has ever been around through out history. You can see the how Trickle Up Economics works. The Cuban people are kept poor while the Castro’s have all the money. The Russians are still trying to get back to normal after decades of such an economic system. Chavez, Hitler, any leader of such a government gets the money while their citizens live poor to third world existences. Is this where America is heading?

Look at the reverse type of economics, Trickle Down economics. Companies who make money on their goods and services can pay their employees more money. Those employees take the money and get a better education then start their own business. Entrepreneurs hire more people as the business grows and the cycle continues. This system of economics has worked every time it has been tried. There are no failures in this system until the Government decides to get involved and take over from the owners of the corporations who were making the system work.

If Government will get out of the way, Humans can take care of themselves just fine.