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Ston, Croatia

Ston, Croatia

Where is the most romantic place you have ever been? Everyone of you will have a different answer to this question. I hope each one of you will share where it is and why. Before my trip to Europe a few months ago, I would have said any place where there was a sandy beach. The Caribbean was high on the list as well as Hollywood Beach in Florida. Then I went to Barcelona, Spain, Monaco, Italy, and Croatia. All those places could be romantic with the right person.

Perhaps, that last sentence is the key to where that place is. Is that place romantic because the area is romantic or because you were there with a special person? Authors stage romance novels in select places to set a mood for the couple. Sometimes those are places we know and others are places the author made up but was sure it would be romantic. In Only Love Twice that place was first New York City then on to Malta. I have been to New York City but never Malta; I am sure I would find it exceptionally romantic.

That makes another question. What makes the place romantic to start with? Is it a look? Is it the people? Is it the architecture? I am curious; please tell me what inspires romance in you!