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I spend a lot of time researching other cultures. I am always amazed no matter how different the culture, the more humanly similar we are. Today is Valentines Day in most of the world. Except in Saudi Arabia. There they view it as too western and of no religious value. Of course, in that culture, the word love and certainly not romance is allowed. So I am left  to wonder, what does this day mean to the rest of us mortal humans??

Certainly it is a day for the less than romantic types to try to become romantic. For the true romantic, it is a day to celebrate the wonderful feelings that springs from our hearts eternal. It has become too commercialized, like most things in the world; it is a way to make money with roses, strawberries dipped in chocolate, and teddy bears. It is a special dinner with someone you love and maybe a glass of champagne. Some guys will get lucky; some girls will get rings.

Many years ago I drove a carriage on Los Olas Drive in Ft. Lauderdale every Valentines Day. I provided a forty five minute ride in an open carriage for those in love. One year, I had the occasion to give a ride to a young man and young woman. The man asked me to stop the carriage while he got out. He knelt on the ground and produced an open box with a diamond ring inside. The young lady gasped and was speechless as she sat there. He stood to slip the ring on her finger and they kissed. He then looked at her with a question on his lips. “Yes” was all she could say. I sat staring straight ahead but tears were falling as I got to enjoy that special moment. I am a romantic at heart. I love romance. Perhaps, this event will end up in a future romance novel. 🙂