I read this article this morning and it fit right into some of my thoughts on the subject. This writer said it better than I could have and I will gladly add to it as I go along. Please also read all the comments to the article. I think it is sad some people are so brainwashed they believe this silly system of socialism works. Never worked yet anywhere it has been tried. Historical fact. It is only good for the few at the extreme top who get immensely rich: look ninety miles south of the US to Cuba. Castro and his family have everything, the people, all the people live in poverty.

The Dinner Table

To the “enlightened” left, socialism is considered not only a viable economic model, but one that produces ultimately a society with abundance for all and poverty for none.  A short read through the pages of history finds that belief to be founded on absolutely zero evidence.  In truth, everywhere socialism has been attempted, it has failed to improve the lives of anyone, except those in power.

Why does such a system always seem to fail?  I think the answer may be pretty simple.  Socialism is evil and by it’s very nature subverts the laws of God.

Even the least religious among us know of the 10 Commandments, and most people can recite a few off the tops of their head.  (Thou shall not kill.  Thou shall not steal.  etc.)

But in my opinion, the commandment with the most to teach us as it relates to our dealings with each other is the 10th Commandment, and it’s pretty much…

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