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Arizona Governor, Jan Brewer, is mulling over a decision whether to veto or sign a bill that protects an individuals religious beliefs. I have heard both sides, and there is valid support either way. Basically, it protects a business from lawsuit because the business refuses to serve someone because of the businesses religious beliefs. But one argument I heard I have to disagree with. The comparison of being against same sex marriage and the Jim Crow Laws of the 1950’s. I just can’t see the comparison. Discrimination against race is just wrong. It has nothing to do with religion; it is strictly a one human’s hatred of another human based on the color of their skin. It is a taught hatred as small children do not discriminate when placed in a multi-racial environment. They learn to hate by the actions of their parents and the society around them. 

This Arizona law was brought forth because of lawsuits brought against businesses that decided they could not serve same sex couples wanting to get married. The business owners did not believe in same sex marriage; they believe marriage is between a man and a woman. Every individual has the right the believe what they do. I do not believe the Government has the right to tell an individual what to believe. That is one of the things this nation was founded on; religious freedom. The Bible, which the three major monotheistic religions use to base their religious beliefs on, explicitly states ‘man shall not lie with man’. This is why these religions do not want to recognize same sex relationships.

I don’t care one way or the other; it is an individuals right who they have sex with. But I still feel it should be kept behind bedroom doors and not in my face. I have many gay friends; we just don’t talk about that subject. Live and let live is the best way to deal with this subject. As the owner of a business, especially one dealing with the marriage industry, I did provide my service to several same sex marriages. I just kept my mouth shut and took their money. After all, it was as green as anyone else’s. I could have refused to work the event. If I had, I would never have said it was because they were a gay couple; I would have said I had other engagements that weekend. This is where the businesses involved in the law suits messed up.

The real culprit in why a law like this has been authored is not religion and same sex couples. It is the culture that thinks they can get rich from law suits where they can also push an agenda. This is where our American society has gone wrong. If I don’t believe in your cause you are going to file a law suit against me. You think you can make everyone believe and act like you regardless. You use the Government and when that doesn’t work use the legal system. No wonder we have some many bad lawyers out there. But that is a different blog for a different day. The militant gays are pushing their agenda with these law suits.

So, how can an individual still practice their right of religion without stepping on the toes of those who think differently? My opinion? The two businesses who have been used to demonstrate either side of this argument should have told the complainants they had other obligations on the day the complainants wanted to use their services. When they tried to make a statement against the same sex marriage, they opened themselves up to law suit. So does Arizona need to make a law that allows businesses to offer services to only  those they want to serve? No, Government should stay out of it. Let the people vote, with their feet and with their money. One of these businesses went out of business already. Let the people decide. Let an individual have their right to religious freedom. If other individuals don’t like what that business owner believes, then walk away and find a business who caters to you and your beliefs. Don’t go file a frivolous law suit. It’s simple, Live and Let Live.