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“Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it.” This is a variation of the quote I have written about before. But as I watch the news this morning I am reminded how true it is. Russia is putting troops in Ukraine. Their reason? They are concerned for the ethnic Russians who live in the Crimean region of Ukraine. I know enough history to know this is the same reasoning Hitler used before he put his armies in strategic areas of Europe. The League of Nations ignored his taking over those countries. The United Nations is now ignoring what Putin is doing. So is the American President. But as impotent as he is I expected that. Where is the rest of the world? Why are you not worried? Why are we not doing something to protect this sovereign country, the Ukraine? Are we not worried about a third world war?

You think a world war cannot happen? America is downgrading its military. History is repeating. Another impotent American President, Jimmy Carter, downgraded our military forces and what did we get? Iran took Americans hostage. The Soviet Union went on a power grab. We nearly came to World War Three back then but fortunately America elected a man with a set of balls, Ronald Regan, and the Soviet Union fell, we got our people back, and we helped many countries gain freedom. Where is our next Ronald Regan??

All humans yearn to be free. Freedom works everywhere it has been tried. Let’s help humans gain their freedom!