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 Making everyone within a society equal sounds good in theory. Socialism is a great theory. Yet it has never worked anywhere it has been tried. No where, not once. So why do people still try to push it? Think about it and look at who is pushing it.

Socialism can be explained simply. Everyone gets paid the same regardless of how hard they work. Everyone gets the food, the home,  the life everyone else has. No one is above another and everything is equal. Sounds good right? Except the part that is conveniently not talked about. The people at the top who control how the rest of the people remain equal. The top is never equal. They get all the money, they have the best houses, they eat the best food, they use the people at the bottom to take care of the people at the top. There are only a few at the top, but they get everything, while the rest are equal. Really?? How is that equal? Does the word ‘slavery’ come to mind?

I never subscribed to the Government Plantation theory. I worked hard all my life to get ahead. I have not ever and still do not take a dime from the Government. Including health care, sorry Obama, you can keep that. I pay my own way. And you know what else? I never made less money than a man in any job I ever had. I was never the victim of anything. Even when my husband beat me to a pulp, I walked out, got divorced, and worked really hard to have the life I wanted. I empowered myself. Everyone out there can do the same thing. Anyone can make a good life for themselves, they don’t need the government to do it for them. If you think being equal at the bottom is a great thing, I feel sorry for you. You can do anything your mind can conceive all you have to do is work at it!! Those who have worked at it are perfect examples of why Socialism will never work as long as there are humans out there who want to be at the top.