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Today the internet and Twitter have blown up with conspiracy theories of what happened in the Malaysia Airlines 777 disappearance. In fact Twitter crashed. The internet has been slow today also. I love conspiracy theories; everything from who really shot JFK to what really happened in Bengasi. Some of these are so far fetched you wonder what the author is smoking. Some have believability to them and make you scratch your head, could that be what happened?

Not everyone who puts forth a conspiracy theory is a nut. There are very knowledgeable persons putting forth very good guesses. Some are extremely plausible. I leave it to my readers to google it and read them yourselves.

When the plane first went missing with no trace, I thought back to one of my favorite shows of a few years ago, Lost. In it a jetliner crash landed in the ocean and the survivors make their way to an island that was shrouded from satellite view, GPS, and other radar. The island was a former Government outpost during World War Two. Great story. I highly recommend it. It would not surprise me if some government, like China or Russia, has an island out there working on technology like this. Or even a private corporation could do it in an effort to rid the superpowers of the ability to wage war. I do believe someone has developed some way to make the plane invisible to radar and it has set down in an undisclosed location. There is probably someone on board they want or they just want the plane for other nefarious reasons. Perhaps one of the passengers with the stolen passport has information on Iranian nuclear secrets and the CIA wants to get him without Iran knowing they have him.

If this has happened I do hope the passengers are safe and will be released. I pray that for the families. Until we know what happened, we need to remember these are real people with real lives with real families who will miss them.

As I read and listen to some of the theories, I think there are some great science fiction writers out there who should consider become a published author. They have some talent. Hollywood could use some new screenplays to make great movie. It is giving us something else to think about other than Russian troops taking over Ukraine. Perhaps Putin took the plane just for this reason?