With the events of the world today, why would a writer try to combine two cultures when one culture contains extreme elements? I am a student of history, the history of the Saudi or Arab people is fascinating. I hoped Only Love Twice could help others bridge the gap to understanding wonderful people on both sides.

American Bedu

One of the readers asked about showing old pictures of Saudi Arabia, so here are some vintage photos.
Now it is very easy to find old photos of Mecca, of the ”picture postcard” type, but I choose to show some images of people. These sets of photos show the human face of Saudi Arabia, Saudis are normal people just like everybody else. They have families, cook dinner, go on outings.
These photos are from before the social engineering project to force all women to wear abayas, so you see women in the 50s and 60’s wore a large variety of clothes in public, from full traditional covering to Western fashions.


A Saudi family in the 50’s.

old jeddah 50s

A Saudi feast!

old jeaddah 50's2

Saudi women  enjoying the seaside in Jeddah. This photo is also from the 50’s or 60’s.

Old jeddah 2

Saudi couple on an outing in the desert.


A garden in Jeddah

old jeddah 3

Saudi family in traditional dress…

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