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I am back from four days of horse shows in Wellington, FL. Being totally immersed in the horses and working a show means not having the time to follow the news or being connected to the internet. Actually, where this show was located, I had very limited access to the outside world. I could have gone to somewhere I could watch the news or get on the internet, but why? Sometimes it is nice to leave the world behind and just concentrate on one’s own life and love. Horses and riding have been my relieve from stress for most of my life. Funny to think that when many would say showing horses is very stressful. It is, but it is different.

Now that I am back, I find the need to get immersed back into the events of the world. It will take me a few hours to get caught up but the nice thing about the internet is getting the stories I am most interested in is fast and easy; no waiting for the newspaper or news on the radio every hour. News is instant and I can read both sides of any issue. So, I am sure I will find good things to blog about shortly.

But for now, you get to hear about the weekend spent at White Fences Equestrian Center. I love this show facility. Owner Adam Pollak provides a wonderful facility for professional and amateur alike. The grounds are well managed and the footing in the arenas is perfect. Horses can be relaxed here so that helps riders give good performances. There were some excellent performances. Spectators were provided a glimpse into who will qualify for the US Equestrian Team at the World Equestrian Games this year in Normandy, France. That was the caliber of horses at this show. I, myself, did not show but I did ride my horse and school in the rings. This is valuable for preparing ourselves for the upcoming show season when we return back to Tennessee. As a volunteer working the show, I got to see most of the performances and got to hear the judges comments while scribing. This can be just as educational as lessons to improve our riding and showing the horse to the best advantage before whatever judges I encounter this year.

For those who think riding a horse is just sitting there while the horse carries you around, well, think again. Better yet, go get on one. Take a lesson and find out how much muscle control it takes to stay on and to make the horse respond to you. You will find riders are athletes and top riders are extreme athletes. Yoga, palates, and strength training are all used to maximize the riders abilities as well as strength training for the horses. Its a team effort, horse and rider, and one of the few ways men and women can compete on an equal basis with each other.

So, for a few days, I can give up the internet, phone, radio, and television. It was worth it for the fun of competition.