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Both sides of the issue clashed yesterday in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC. Both sides seem passionate about their beliefs. I must admit, some of the things being said by the side espousing free birth control is a right that all employers must provide, including abortion, is outrageous.

 First of all, private business and corporations should not be mandated to do anything they feel is against their beliefs as long as it is not against the law. (ie: discrimination, labor laws, etc.) The Federal Government has no part in private business matters that have to deal with religion. Yet, under the ACA, (Obamacare by another name), the government is mandating companies like Hobby Lobby provide every method of birth control to its female employees, including abortion in their health care compensation. It does not matter that the principals of the corporation have religious beliefs that do not include these things.

I have something to say to those on the other side of big government involvement. You women protesting for your right to free birth control and abortion, this is what I have to say to you. If you are responsible enough to spread your legs, then you should be responsible enough to take care of the consequences of such actions. 

I have experience on my side. Where I worked I had good health insurance. It did not include birth control of any kind, for either sex. I spent my own hard earned money to make sure I was responsible enough to purchase birth control for myself. This is a part of empowerment. Take responsibility for yourself, Ladies. Don’t rely on anyone, not man or government, to provide anything for you. Only you should be the one making sure your life is what you want. If you work some place where you are not given health care as part of your compensation plan, then leave and find another place to work. Think you can’t do that? Well, guess again, yes you can. You can. Put stock in yourself. You control your own destiny; quit letting others tell you “you can’t do that”. Ok, off the high horse, and on to issue at hand.

When Governments get to big and corrupt, they implode. History is full of examples. Look at Egypt, Syria, Libya, Venezuela, and even Ukraine. These governments failed to provide basic freedoms for their people and the people fought back. The same thing could happen again in America. We did it once when we gained freedom from England and King George, we can do it again from an oppressive government take over.

In this case, the Constitution gives Americans the freedom to practice the religion (or no religion) of their choice. The Government cannot tell you how, when, where, or how much when it comes to your religious beliefs. Therefore, the Government should not be able to tell a private business or corporation how they should believe. The employees of any corporation who do not like the religious convictions of that company should leave and find employment elsewhere. They have the freedom to chose as well as the corporation has the freedom to chose. The same would be true for a corporation who was owned by a Jewish group. If they do not want to give Christian employees Christmas and Easter off, but give Passover and Hanukah off, they should have that right and if an employee disagrees then the employee can go to work elsewhere. Another example: if the corporation is governed by an Islamic group and they think female employees should be covered and modestly dressed then they have that right. If the women don’t like it, go to work elsewhere. As long as the corporation is not discriminating by not hiring women qualified to work there, then the corporation has the right to dictate the dress code. I would love to see this one go before the Supreme Court!

A decision will not come down until June of this year. I am shocked at the women who sit on the court taking the side they are. These are empowered women yet they are taking the side of subjugating women to the control of the government? The mandates of Obamacare are just that: giving the Government control over your life. I, for one, do not want to live on the Government Plantation. Take back your life, people, and empower yourselves.