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As of tonight, several countries have provided satellite images of what is supposed to be floating debris from the missing Malaysian jet. Yet, not one piece has been confirmed seen by planes or ships. It makes one wonder if there are several hundred pieces out there why can’t it be found? These countries bring their satellites over that area of the Indian Ocean once a day in the effort to find the jet. So, obviously there are many satellites looking. However, not one of the satellites taking pictures is American.

I find it baffling as to why the debris cannot be pinpointed to exact coordinates. Why are they not using Google Earth to view this area? I have been able to put my address into the computer using Google Earth and see into my back yard. Why can’t the investigators use Google Earth? Google Earth maps the globe on a daily basis. Other satellites can see the license plate on a vehicle for the police to use. I don’t understand; someone please explain when the NSA can listen to anyone’s cell phone calls with modern technology we cannot find a jet as large as a 777.  Does this make sense?

Sorry, I think they are looking in the wrong place. They want us to think the jet is there but it could be a complete ruse. The families of the passengers deserve so much more. I pray for them and hope they will soon get some answers.