Many people have speculated on President Obama’s recent trip to visit King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Human rights was supposed to be one of the issues discussed. Many Americans are not familiar with the culture so don’t understand why women don’t have the same rights we do here. I know change takes time, certainly it has taken many years for women here to become more equal, but we American women need to take an interest in the other women of the world and help support them in getting rights and freedom. Learning about other cultures helps us bridge the gap between us and promotes tolerance and love of all human beings.


photocreditriyadhconnect Shura Member’s Daughters Not Given Saudi Nationality
Riyadh Connect
25 Mar 2014

Shura Council member, Thuraya Obaid, said at a gathering in Jeddah that her daughters have not been able to get Saudi nationality so far because their father is a foreigner. According to the Saudi Cabinet’s decision, children of Saudi women with non-Saudi fathers are to be considered as Saudi citizens.

Thuraya Obaid was speaking at a gathering on the occasion of Women’s History Month. She said that the cabinet decision has not been carried out by many government departments.

Saudi Gazette quoted her as saying, “Saudi women married to foreigners should be allowed to obtain nationality for their children on an equal footing with the Saudi men married to foreign women.”

The council member said these children should be permitted to stay in the kingdom with their mothers and also enjoy all the rights of Saudi children, especially…

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